SeaZheng introduction


SeaZheng Shanghai Co., Ltd. is an electrical technology enterprise, focusing on research, development, manufacturing, sales of electrical fittings and adhesive joints as well as globalization services.

Our goal is to concentrate on the development and production of adhesive joints of cable assembly, street light distribution box, adhesive branch junction box, adhesive line junction box, and waterproof tunnel junction box as well as provide related solutions.

SeaZheng belongs to emerging enterprise, embracing development, production, sales, agent distribution, technical advice and information services. This company is commited to research and development of green materials, cooperating with world-renowned manufacturers of electricity and chemical materials. Based on superb technology and strong research foundation, this company can provide the best quality products for the power industry.

SeaZheng became an agent of 3M (USA), ABB (Switzerland), Schneider (France), and Typo (USA) in 2009. At the same time, this company was the agent Taiwan Teamchem Materials company ( predecessor:TeamChem Company) in mainland.

Since 2010, we have done the research on power equipment products, creating its own SeaZheng Brand. Based on advanced test equipment and high-quality staff, product performance has reached the international level. In order to improve reliability and convenience of installation, the latest technology and material formulation has been applied to product design. Its electrical equipment has been sold at home and abroad, especially in coastal developed cities and exported to Russia, the Middle East and South Africa.

A long-term strategic partnership has been established with foreign famous enterprises. For example, as the French Alstom providers of distribution, installation and after-sale services, we can provide installation and maintenance services to its 126-252kVSF6 breaker and isolation switch, OEM production and assembly 126kVHypact complex combination switch. We are the signatory distributor of Schneider and OEM co-production partner in Central Plains.

Our own electrical products developed have been tested, including adhesive waterproof box of cable joints, street light distribution box, adhesive branch junction box, adhesive line junction box, tunnel waterproof street distrution box. We have cold shrink cable accessories, heat shrinkable cable accessories, electrical insulation shields, detachable cable terminal, waterproof cable box, cable clip, cable joint explosion-proof box, matching cable insulation piercing connector (enhanced fire retardant), a variety of specialized industrial electrical box, electronic equipment protection box, push button switch box, sealed electrical box, and explosion-proof junction box. Its product performance has reached the advanced level of well-known brands in Europe and America.

This company has developed innsulation piercing connector, waterproof cable junction box and insulated wire lightning clamp with scientific production technology. We spcialize in the production of electrical fittings, including mine, overhead insulated fittings, equipment, fittings, power fittings, cable fittings, draping fittings, protective fittings, connection fittings, cable fittings, connection fittings, cable fittings, T connection fittings, cable fittings, clamp, cable accessories, cold shrink cable accessories, heat shrinkable cable accessories, insulation shields, busbar junction box , pluggable cable connectors, insulators, surge arresters, line fault indicator, drop-out fuse, isolating switch, outdoor vacuum circuit breakers, meter box, cable branch box, ring counter, low-voltage switchgear.

We have developed other electrical equipment with our strategic cooperation partners, including amorphous alloy oil-immersed transformers, dry-type amorphous alloy transformer, box-type amorphous alloy transformer and intelligent amorphous alloy transformer. There are 40.5kV and below switchgear, FBX ring counter and box-type substation, LXWZ-10 high-voltage automatic reactive power compensation device group, low-voltage automatic reactive power compensation and SVG high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation in our company. We have also developed S11, S13, SH15 110KV oil-immersed power transformers below the rank of 10KVA ~ 63000KVA , SCB10, SGB10 series 35KV and below 30 ~ 10000KVA low noise dry-type transformers; ZBW series, ZGS series Continental, American box change; GGD, GCS , MNS series of low-voltage switchgear. There are HXGN-12, XGN2-12, KYN28-12 series of high voltage switchgear and some special intelligence transformers, like anti-theft, mining, rectifier, furnace, adjusting capacity transformers. For leading products, we have an annual production capacity of 5million KVA, over 600 box-type substations and 1000 sets of switchgears, which are widely used in power grid companies, industrial mining enterprises and residental areas.

Our position is to serve China electronic power, petrochemical, mining equipment, the solar industry and wind industry.

Some solutions can be provided for power cable assembly of shipbuilding and mining (energy saving and environmental protection).

Our customers are widely distributed in China Electric Power Bureau, Bureau of Mines, Sinopec, PertroChina, CNOOC, the shipbuilding industry.

We are engaged in sales of power industry products, maintenance and promotion of platforms as well as sales of power-related products.

This company focuses on technology development, research and innovation. We has imported automatic rubber injection molding unit, roller mill, ultrasonic welding and double-headed automatic plate sulfide. Our detection equipment includes laboratories of 220KV and 35KV, sophisticated room, pulling machine, loop resistance tester, PD pressure meter, leak detector, insulation resistance tester, relay protection tester, power frequency voltage test equipment.

We can provide customers with leading products and a full range of services, committed to research and development, design, production and sales of 110KV and below power distribution equipment, heat shrink, cold shrink cable accessories.

Our engineering department can undertake the installation of 110KV and below transmission and distribution projects. The service aim is to fully meet customer demand and provide one-stop service of design, production, sales and installation, winning wide acclaim form customers.