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SeaZheng Shanghai Co., Ltd. is a professional service in the electronics manufacturing industry, electronics industry to create a good material suppliers, and to provide the necessary technical support and total solutions.

SeaZheng Industrial chemical products for the crown (TeamChem Company), 3M, Shanghai back to days of chemistry, the three key chemical (ThreeBond), UNITITE, Mitsubishi and other companies authorized dealer. Electronic assembly under the sub-division, low-voltage industrial control products division.


Electronics Assembly DivisionCrown Products Chemical (TeamChem Company) products: Anisotropic conductive film ACF10, room temperature curing conductive silver glue omnidirectional A6/HA6, solvent-free low temperature curing conductive silver glue A4/HA4, heat conductive silver adhesive LED A3 / H48, FPCB photosensitive solder mask ink F87 FG23/H87c, LED thermal insulating plastic TC11/H48, TC10B/HA6, TC10/HD10, TC10/HC10, TC17/H48, LED outdoor lamp cooling paint TC19E/H48e, photosensitive LED special solder mask T75 W15A/H-51C (white), T75W15B/H-51C (White), T75 WM18/H88 (white matte surface), T75 W16 / H88 (white). 

图片关键词        3M Company Advantage productscommunications market: LV cable accessories, cable repair glue 2130,3 M middle connector, 3M Indoor terminal, 3M outdoor terminal, 3M cable accessories, 3M cable connectors, special connectors 8096,2228 mine waterproof tape, 8096 - 4,5624 PST-G1, 5624PST-G2, QS1000, QS2000, 3M cable connector, 3m shrink cable joint, 3M, 3M cold shrink, 3m shrink cable joint, 3m cold shrink cable accessories, cold shrink cable head, 3M cable cold her head, 3M connector, 3M cold shrink joints, 3M cable connectors.

    Two-component silicone, low viscosity, flame retardant, adhesive silicone encapsulants and thermal conductivity gel, one component silicone sealant, sealant and coating adhesive, thermal grease, microwave-specific single- component silicone sealant; special sealed plastic solar cell components, junction box potting; automobile manufacturing and repair of plastic: flat sealed anaerobic adhesive, silicone rubber, pipe thread sealants, plastic cylindrical parts immobilization, polyurethane adhesive then sealed plastic bowl-type plug immobilization, pre-coating, dip glue, instant glue, thread locking sealant, cleaning agents; motor special sealant, wind turbines special fluoride gel (paint); industrial machinery assembly and repair of plastic: thread locking sealant, planar seal anaerobic pipe thread sealant, instant adhesive, auxiliary products: flat sealing silicone rubber, wear-resistant preservatives, solid hold plastic cylindrical parts, high temperature repair, conveyor belt Adhesives, multi-metal repair agent, an emergency repair agent, polyurethane adhesive seal series; EMU high-speed carriage assembly with plastic: thread locking sealant, polyurethane sealant adhesive, MS adhesive

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